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A Sustainable Life

Our Story

We all want to make the right choice. We all have opinions on what that is, but at the end of the day I do believe we all want to choose right by ourselves, our families, our world and our future. 

A sustainable life means something different to everyone. For us its growing and raising as much as we can on our own, and sourcing the rest as locally as we can. It's caring for the land and the animals to the best of our ability. It's buying used instead of new, and taking care of the things we have. It's mending, treating and fixing instead of replacing. And in doing so, teaching our children these values and skills.

When I was young I lived in town and eventually the city, but I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time on my grandparents farm and I remember meal times vividly. Watching my grandma shuck corn from the garden for supper and peal fresh carrots, and like clock work "Jenna run to the cold room and grab some pickles, some potatoes too", meanwhile Grandpa is on the barbeque tending to steak. The Corelle plates were set, and supper was served. A simple memory, but one that changed my life. 

Left overs put in the fridge for next days lunch. The empty jars sanitized and put on the shelf for whatever was to be canned next. The vegetable peels to the compost. Dishes washed and put away. 

I knew then and I know now that that's what I want my life to look like. A simple, full circle, self sustaining life. To take a step forward, we need to considering taking a step back. 


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